About Us





We are Violent Tinsel and we aim to bring a new level of ‘boldness’ and ‘fun’ to women's style, everywhere!


We’re an Australia accessories label for women, for being bold, for being daring, for being awesome. In fact, we think all women should be aggressively awesome.

We’re also more than just awesome accessories (although our accessories really are, awesome). We’re all about making small differences where we can. We are in tune with what’s happening in our community, and we aim to make a positive impact by working with local programs and charities like Share the Dignity, an Australian organisation helping and supporting women experiencing homelessness and poverty.



What we live by


We’re taking back the word ‘AGGRESSIVE’
It’s ours, WE OWN it, and WE DEFINE it
Aggressively DETERMINED
Aggressively LOUD
Aggressively FUN
Aggressively DIFFERENT
Aggressively ADVENTUROUS
It’s what we LIVE FOR
We are aggressively awesome, and so are YOU


VT's first female


Marketing, PR and Events Management by trade, fashion addict at heart. Sarina Shaw is the Founder and Creative Force behind Violent Tinsel.

Having a love for fashion since she was a little girl, and after a career in fashion, tech and working for a number of start-ups, Sarina brought her love of everything fab and experience in business together to develop Violent Tinsel.

Describing herself in one sentence –
"Full-time dog petter, part-time accidental plant killer, fashion montage expert, occasionally drinks wine."